Surveying Neurergus in Iran


Researchers and Herpetoculturalists - Listed alphabetically by surname

Bogerts, Serge. Salamander Society. Netherlands Society for Herpetoculture and Herpetology ‘LACERTA’. NETHERLANDS. Published over 75 articles in herpetological magazines on field studies and captive breeding and four on N. strauchii.

Browne, Robert. Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp, BELGIUM. - International coordinator, taxon manager, web design and production:

Fadhil, Omar. Head of "Other Fauna Section" at Nature Iraq. IRAQ.

Fathinia, Behzad. Razi University. ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN. Field work.

Janzen, Peter. DGHT, GERMANY. Working closely with German Zoos and the DGHT on conservation breeding of amphibians. Peter works toward establishing privates as major contributors to amphibian conservation Breeding and especially N. kaiseri.

Najafi-Majd, Elnaz. Ege University. TURKEY. - Field research on Neurergus in Iran, Turkey and Iraq.

Pasmans, Frank. Ghent University, BELGIUM. - Research of Chytridiomycosis in Neurergus from Iran.

Rastegar-Pouyani, Nasrullah. Razi University. ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN. -  Grant Program Manager Razi University, Iran. Genetics research, Conservation Breeding, Field Research. 

Schultschik, Gunter. Vienna University, AUSTRIA. - A pioneer in Neurergus field work in Iran, and very active in Neurergus Conservation Breeding and husbandry. 

Sharifi, Mozafar. Razi University. ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN. Conservation Breeding, field research including skeletochronology, chytridiomycosis, ecology, morphology and demography.